CSR Policy

Kipling Travel CSR Policy for agents

In Kipling Travel, we will work towards an increased level of sustainability internally as well as externally.

Keywords are communication, collaboration and training. We will provide information for our customers and encourage them to act responsibly, and we will engage in a dialogue with our suppliers in order to identify problems and suggest possible solutions.

Following Contract clauses for Kipling Travel’s local accomodation providers is based on Travelife sustainability system.

We do find it essential to emphasise that sincere sustainability does not only have important positive environmental and social impacts, but can increase the revenue and thus benefit the business. We therefore urge that the attempt to expand the CSR practices is not seen as a cost but rather as an investment in your own business. Having a sustainable image has become increasingly important for today’s customers, and many of them see it as a sign of quality. The weight and importance of sustainability will only grow in the future. Therefore we need to work together in order to obtain the business advantages.

Naturally, a signature by our partners does not do it alone. It needs to be followed up by actions, and this of course is the hard part. This is where we need to show our worth. We strongly encourage you to contribute with sustainable actions – to not merely sign this document but actually follow through with the content.


Csr CO2 neutral website

Social welfare & human rights

1. The Supplier shall ensure that all employees are free to enter and terminate their employment without penalty in accordance with the employment contract.

2. The Supplier shall not employ children to complete work which is normally undertaken by adults.

3. The Supplier shall ensure that any employed person aged 14 or under grants full protection and special working conditions in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and/or the ILO convention 138 as well as local legislation (e.g. favourable working times and conditions of work specifically designed to protect them).

4. The Supplier shall ensure that children are protected against sexual exploitation on the premises and that the Supplier and its employees follow the Child-Protection Code against sexual exploitation of children. Any suspicious behaviour from persons on the premises or during excursions shall be reported to the local authorities.

5. The Supplier shall ensure that his activities do not jeopardise the provision or integrity of basic services such as food, water, energy, healthcare or soil to the neighbouring communities.


Socio-cultural conditions

6. The Supplier shall not sell or promote souvenirs which contain historic and archaeological artefacts, except as permitted by law.


Biodiversity & animal welfare

7. The Supplier shall limit its negative impact on local and global biodiversity where-ever feasible (e.g. not include red listed species in the menu or selling or promoting souvenirs made from such species).


Monitoring & enforcement

8. The Supplier shall fully cooperate with the Tour Operator regarding sustainability issues and provide him with any information he requires. The Supplier shall allow and support announced and unannounced (on-site) inspections in order to monitor compliance with sustainability conditions.

9. If the Supplier fails to comply with the sustainability conditions set forth in this contract and/or is not able to immediately resolve any deficiencies reported based on self-evaluation or on-site inspections, the Tour Operator is entitled to terminate this Contract with immediate effect and without prior notice or judicial intervention.

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